How to Focus and Stop Procrastination


How to Regain Focus and Stop Procrastination Stealing Precious Time from the Work Day


Do you have trouble focusing on your work? Do you often find yourself procrastinating and wasting time on social media, browsing the web and checking your phone?

Are you tired of falling behind deadlines? Instead, do you want to put a stop to procrastination and get things done?

You’re not alone. That was me. Until I discovered how I could regain control over my mind and my time and starting geting more things done during the day!


Key Takeaways

$ has been the proven tool that switches on my brain and helps me overcome distraction and procrastination.

$ was created by scientists with the goal of assisting us to achieve and maintain deep focus.


It is not the same as binaural beats.


You can access through the website or the app.

A Tried & Tested Solution to Procrastination Problems

This is a daily struggle for me. It usually kicks in after 11am. If I don’t grasp it, outsmart it, and overcome, it will harass me through most of the day. Procrastination. Is it a menacing threat to you as well? How does it appear to you, and how do you deal with it? I found a miracle solution that works for me… now the battle is won as soon as I switch it on.

The Pattern in My Day

My day always starts with a task list in front of me. On paper, most of the time. I will get off to a good start, and complete the first couple of tasks on the list – albeit the easy ones. Of course I begin with the day’s smaller and more fun activities. That’s probably my first mistake.

By 10:30, most likely I’ve taken a morning tea break, which includes some time away from the computer screen as well as a half-strength latte. Then I’m back, ready to tackle the next task on my to-do list. Except I don’t.

This is when it arrives. The PROCRASTINATOR.

How not to deal with procrastination

First, I check if there are any more easy tasks to kick off with. No.

Nearly everything on the list offers a financial reward if I were to get them finished (but that’s rarely enough motivation).

Instead, I knock out the typical distractions, by taking a (it will be real quick) look at

  • Facebook
  • a news site
  • non-work emails that are typically filled with words selling something – one or two of which I click into to waste more time.

30-45 minutes – wasted.

By now I’m thinking, “just open up and put the earphones on Tanya”.

Instead, I start writing this post.

Now, I’ve typed as much as I feel capable so I am thinking again… “open up… you know it works for you, kicks the brain back into gear. You know it overcomes the procrastinatorrrr – every time.”

But I don’t! Say whaaatt?!?!

Instead, I get up for a short walk around the studio to stretch the legs.

Now I’m back. Check my mobile for messages. Anything? Nothing.

My proven overcomer of the procrastinator – Brain.FM

Finally, I open I put on the earphones. And …

My brain switches on. Focus ignites.

I love! It works for me!

I hate that it takes me as long as this to get it playing. But – I am getting better.

What is Brain FM?

Every day, popular music is formulated to sound wonderful, to trigger sensations, and become stuck in our heads… in order to generate revenue. All of these characteristics cause our brain to concentrate on the music, including the lyrics, melodies, tempo, and beat. Our focus on the structure of the song makes it difficult for us to concentrate on any other task at the same time.

The music on was created by scientists and composers with the goal of assisting us in achieving and maintaining deep focus. Every beat, note, and tone in music works together to help us get in the zone (and stay there), eradicating procrastination.

How does Brain FM work?

Distinct forms of music have different effects on your brain. If you’re trying to concentrate, you should listen to a specific rhythm that has been scientifically shown to help you focus. The increase of neuronal phase-locking (using music to induce highly synchronised activity across the brain via entrainment) and salience reduction are at the heart of’s technology (the detection and removal of distracting events).

The binaural beat is not the same as the music found on Although both use acoustic modulation, employs a proprietary method that includes a variety of different sound effects to help you achieve specific mental states.

Learn more about the science of here

How much does Brain FM cost?

You can find the latest pricing for here. I actually have a lifetime subscription as I was an early adopter.

How can I get Brain FM?

Visit the website and sign up for a free trial.

You can download the app for iOS, or download the app for Android.

You can use for focus, relaxation, and sleep. I use it for focus during my work day and 15 minutes of mediation in the mornings and evenings.

It’s not just me. I have shared this tool with a number of business associates and they now swear by it as well. If you waste time every day, avoiding the tasks that need doing, then my strongest recommendation is to give a try. And finally beat the procrastination beast.


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